Tom Smit



Tom Smit

Tom got infected with the photography virus on a very young age. His mother was also a fanatic photographer. 
Later on Tom bought his own camera and start learning photography by doing it. In the analogue period he processed is own pictures in de darkroom.
Tom was mainly interested in nature photography in the beginning. Later on also other type of photography draw his attention. 

In 2000 Tom started with the digital photography. After this switch he also spent more time on bridal, sport, food and product photography. Especially the technical part has his interest. 

Begin 2007 he also starts developing and teaching workshops for several types of photography. 

In 2016 Tom started at the University of Aplied Photograhy, which he succesfully ended in 2018.
During this study on the University of Applied Photography the cooperation of "IMMIX Photography" for company photography begun. He also got his ROC-Light license for commercial drone photography (currently A1/A3 and A2) in these years.  

On the sites mentioned below you can find a lot of Toms pictures. 

Tom Smit Photography en Tom Smit Nature and Landscape Photography website.

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